When Considering Adoption:

Our adoption fee is $300 for adults and $350 for puppies.

We require secure, solid fencing. Most Pyrs need at least a four foot fence, but some require higher fences. Those who have chicken-wire-on-split-rail fencing should secure the bottom to prevent escape. Exceptions to this policy are made by the president based on the needs of a particular Pyr.

We do not adopt Pyrs into apartments and condos because most Pyrs are too reactive to neighbors coming and going for multi-family housing. In addition, their instinct to be nocturnal guardians often results in nighttime barking, which neighbors tend not to appreciate.

When properly introduced, most Pyrs tolerate cats and other small furry critters. We do not have cats at our kennels, and we can’t guarantee that every Pyr will accept feline housemates.

Before it is eligible for adoption, each Pyr receives a veterinary screening and is spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated, and treated for heartworms, parasites, and other worms (if necessary). Every dog receives heartworm and flea preventative. We assess the dog’s temperament. Each Pyr is professionally groomed.

We fully disclose any health and/or behavioral issues known at the time of adoption.

We encourage those ready to welcome a new family member to fill out an application before becoming attached to a particular dog on our webpage/social media. We process applications as quickly as possible, but it may take up to two weeks for us to do so. Only approved applicants are eligible to meet dogs and adopt on a first-come-first-serve  basis. Because we have a waiting list for kennel space, we cannot reserve dogs.

The president works with each prospective owner to find a good match and makes final decisions regarding adoption.

We do not ship dogs, and we do not release Pyrs to commercial transport. Owners are required to pick up their dog at our kennels in Indian Trail, NC.

We adopt to those who live within a 10 hour drive of Charlotte, North Carolina. We recommend that those farther away wanting to adopt a Pyr reach out to their nearest Great Pyrenees Club of America rescue contact. You can find that information here.

Adoption Procedure for Adult Dogs

Those interested in adopting a Pyr should fill out the application on this webpage. Please note, our software will not accept an incomplete application. If you hit send and do not receive a confirmation of receipt, please review the application and verify that you have filled in each required text box. If you still have a problem, email webmaster@carolinapyrrescue.com for tech support.

A volunteer reviews each application. This includes checking veterinary references and scheduling home visits when necessary. This takes time. Please allow two full weeks.

Once an application has been approved, a volunteer will email the prospective owners and invite them to come to the kennels to meet the Pyrs. In advance of that appointment, the president will call to discuss the adoptive family’s needs and the current dogs in rescue.

During the visit to the kennels, we encourage prospective owners to meet as many dogs as possible and, if necessary, visit us again. Approved applicants are welcome to bring home the new family member that day or commit to picking up the dog within a few days. Many forever families prefer to bring home the Pyr at the beginning of the weekend.

New owners will sign an adoption contract and pay for their dog upon receipt. We accept cash, checks, credit cards, and debit cards.

We encourage owners to reach out to us should any issue arise. We’ve answered many common questions on the “About Pyrs” tab on our webpage. Should a Pyr not be a good match for a particular home, we welcome the dog back. We also love positive updates. Email them to presidentk@carolinapyrrescue.com or post them to our Facebook page.

Adoption Procedure for Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs):

Because our facility is an indoor kennel without livestock, we do not train working Pyrs. Although Pyrs have an instinct to guard, a successful livestock guardian dog is the product of both nature and nurture. Ideally, an LGD should be raised with livestock, adult Pyrs as models, and involved humans. We regularly take in Pyrs who have failed as LGDs, and we take in most of the rest of our Pyrs as strays or from shelters. We don’t assume that they have any work experience. For years, a volunteer tested shelter Pyrs on her farm, and we learned that most adult Pyrs will not adapt to working a pasture if they have not been raised as LGDs. Simply put, they generally have no idea how to direct that instinct to guard, they are more likely to kill their charges, and they are very likely to jump fencing to be near humans. Enough of these placements failed such that we no longer place adult Pyrs we don’t know to be LGDs in working settings.

We do sometimes take in competent LGDs, and we will adopt out those Pyrs as LGDs again. Email president@carolinapyrrescue.com to be added to the waiting list. We will contact applicants in the order in which they emailed us as LGDs come into rescue.

Adoption Procedure for Puppies:

Pyr Puppies

We adopt out puppies using a waiting list. We give priority to those who have adopted an adult from us or who already have owned an adult Pyr. Those interested in adopting a puppy should fill out an application and note that they want to be included on the waiting list for puppies. We never know when we are going to take in a pregnant Pyr or a new mom and her little ones. When we do, however, we will notify the approved applicants on the waiting list, who will then be invited to select a puppy.