You’ve seen these big, beautiful white dogs and want one. The mature, sedate Pyr that you are drawn to did not just materialize suddenly. There is a great difference between a puppy and an adult and a considerable amount of time must pass as Pyrs are not mature until 3-4 years old. You will have to adapt as your dog grows from the thirty pound ball of fluff puppy you get at 3 months to the one hundred plus pound adult.

Pyrs combine a great intelligence and deep devotion to family and home with an instinct to guard and protect. While they are trustworthy, affectionate, gentle and loving, they also are protective guardians of their family and territory. Adult Pyrs are placid by nature and calm in the house, enjoying quiet periods in which to rest and sleep. They also want their life to be consistent and predictable. The addition of a dog to your family is a major decision and deserves a great deal of time, research, and thought. While with routine grooming they are not much different than other breeds, they do shed and there are white hairs in Pyr homes, cars, and on Pyr owners and visitors.

A Pyr needs love and attention on a daily basis. Their basic personality is different from most breeds. Most breeds were bred to take commands from people; Pyrs were bred to work on their own. A Pyr is an intelligent, sometimes willful animal. They have minds of their own and are not easily obedience trained. If you want a dog who will be a good “off leash” companion for your outside activities and follow your every command, the Pyr is not for you. They are large and must be confined in a secure fenced area or they will patrol a large territory—as large as your neighborhood. When out of the fence they must be kept on lead at all times. Pyrs are barkers, especially at night if left outside. Most Pyrs in urban and suburban settings are “inside” family members.

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