When Considering Surrender:

  • CGPR will take in Pyrs directly from owners on a case-by-case basis as determined by the president.
  • We accept only full Pyrs. We do not accept mixed-breed dogs or other breeds.
  • If appropriate, the president will advise on behavior modification before committing to accept a Pyr.
  • We cannot accept aggressive or otherwise unadoptable dogs.
  • We prioritize the intake of Pyrs at kill-shelters throughout the Carolinas. For this reason, we accept owner surrenders using a waiting list. Sometimes, we have space for a dog within a few days. At other times, we will not have an open kennel for several weeks or longer.
  • We ask that owners spay/neuter and fully vaccinate the Pyr before surrendering it.
  • We appreciate donations to cover the cost of care until a Pyr is rehomed.
  • We ask owners to transport the dogs directly to our kennels in Indian Trail, NC.
  • We cannot promise open adoptions. Some adoptive families are willing to keep surrendering owners updated about the dog. Others are not.

Surrender procedure:

  1. You must fill out our Owner Surrender form completing all entries as the first step- we can not respond to anyone about surrenders until you have fully completed this form for us to review.
  2. A volunteer will respond within five business days (but usually much sooner). If we can accept a dog, we will notify the owner of the dog’s place on our waiting list. Owners are welcome to email president@carolinapyrrescue.com for an update on the dog’s status.
  3. When we have an open kennel, we will contact the owner to schedule delivery. Please bring the dog’s medical records, particularly proof of vaccination. The owner will sign a legal contract surrendering the dog to CGPR.
  4. Those who would like updates on the placement of the Pyr are welcome to email president@carolinapyrrescue.com.