Oh no! A Wet Pyr!

It’s raining. A long-furred, double-coated, wet, muddy Pyr wants to come in your house. What do you do?

Gather the following tools: pin brush, slicker brush, blunt scissors, towels, newspaper, and cornstarch.

Spread newspaper or towels on a hard-surfaced floor.

Bring in the Pyr, and towel dry thoroughly.

Rub a handful of cornstarch into the feathers, or wispy fur on the legs and belly; repeat with each foot; finally, rub into any other muddy spots. Why? Cornstarch dries rapidly and adheres to the dirt, which then combs out easily.

Brush beginning at the bottom of the leg up and working from a clean area to a soiled area; never brush the tail when wet because it easily mats; working out the cornstarch, remove as much of the mud as possible; leave the serious grooming, including that of the tail, until the dog is dry, at which point brush the dog again.

Use the scissors to clip the hair from in between the pads and toes. Why? This fur acts as a sponge for mud. Use blunt scissors for safety.

Reward your Pyr (and yourself) with a treat.