By Martha Rehmeyer

Rescue is a representative for every Pyr, no matter its breeding or origin and regardless of its conformation or condition. Whether abandoned, lost, turned in at a shelter or pound, given up by an owner, taken in a cruelty raid or through some other misfortune, a rescued Pyr needs and deserves someone to stand in for its best interests. The rescue rep is the most important person to the Pyr until an appropriate forever family is found.

Rescue is rehabilitation. It is healing the wounds of abuse, fattening-up the bones of neglect, mending whenever possible the conditions of poor breeding, coaching the good behavior of the unsocialized, consoling the abandoned, and reassuring the rejected. It is neutering/spaying, vaccinating, medicating, and especially kissing-to- make-it-all-better.

Rescue is rewarding. There is no proud moment comparable to showing off the glorious specimen you have found within that mangy, scrawny ugly duckling. There is no joy like seeing a happy Pyr go home with a new family. There is no greater satisfaction than making things right for a Pyr whose life had gone wrong.

Their love and kisses are a big bonus!